WordPress Log 03 – Template

I’ve been playing around with WordPress for a week now, and I have to say: I like it.

I’ve been working with responsive PHP5, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery for my new website template. Like always, I created my template in a single page and then I will adapt it into the template system of WordPress. It’s easier for me if I have all the code in  a single place at first.

I’ve also been editing my custom font (BlackHole Sans) to make it lighter by removing all the glyphs that I’m never going to use, leaving just the basic Latin, and Spanish letters. At the same time I’m adding some icons to the font to be used around the site, mostly in menus and navigation. I’ll talk more about that in the future.

I’ve lost some time working on other projects that I have going on, and of course, I’ve also been resting from my last voyage this week. Still, the template is almost complete. I am very excited about it and I cannot wait to make my new website live.