what’s happening

This is just a little update on my personal life. Usually I don't post about it but I think that it's a good idea to do it now that I want to start blogging again. Well, I haven't been working in anything that is web related in a while. I am concentrating all my time and effort on my new career as a seaman in the US Coast Guard. Two years ago today (19th January, 2010), I shipped out to bootcamp and got sent to USCGC Seneca located at Boston, MA. A couple of days ago I moved to Kittery, ME and reported to my new unit, USCGC Tahoma. Both boats are the same type, 270' long. It's been a hell of a ride and I am still trying to get used to it. I've been to a lot of places and I've taken lots of pictures. I have to say, this is very different from what I did before and I love it!

Now I will have a chance to put my knowledge to use for my new unit. Almost every big boat have it's own unit website and their's really need some work. I have a lot of neat ideas for it already. I will try to blog about it here.