My last patrol

This might be the last time that I will write from a boat while on patrol in the middle of the ocean. It’s been five years coming and going out to sea. I’ve been in places that I wouldn’t even think of going before. I’ve seen so many things. I’m sure going to miss it, […]


Frida, my dog.

This is an illustration of my dog, Frida. I made it using my pen tablet to test a program called MyPaint. Even though this program is available for Mac and Windows, I tested it straight from one of Ubuntu, because it was originally made for the Linux operating system.

PAUSE – Web Development

Today I am forced to announce that I will not be able take any web development or graphic design jobs until further notice. I have to accept that my current job at the United States Coast Guard is very demanding. Right now I am on port and I don’t have enough time to start and finish any […]

what’s happening

This is just a little update on my personal life. Usually I don't post about it but I think that it's a good idea to do it now that I want to start blogging again. Well, I haven't been working in anything that is web related in a while. I am concentrating all my time […]

starting again

I just started a new website, and a new blog. I really don’t have a lot of time right now. I joined the United States Coast Guard a while ago and they sent me to a cutter (a big boat). Right now I’m a part-time citizen beacuse is more the time that I spend at […]

Internet Underway

The Internet that I have while underway to is so limited (by limited I mean slow), that browsing the web and keeping my blog updated is becoming a torture. Is almost impossible to use. I feel like I'm back on dial up! I can't have Internet in my own computer either so I am not […]

Underway Again Oct2010

Well, it’s time again. I have to go underway. This time we are going South, and that’s all I can say, you have to love OPSEC. It makes me and my mission feel important. This time I will miss my first Halloween in the states, the same way that I missed my first wedding anniversary in the last patrol, and […]

Hurricane Earl

Hi everyone. I am still roaming the seas onboard the USCGC Seneca. I'm having a pretty good time. Oh, the seas, the sky, the cold, the fog, the fog, the fog… Hahaha… Well, we were supposed to return to our homeport in Boston, MA on Saturday but there is a problem: Hurricane Earl. We will […]

email slash post

It's been a while since I blogged. Too much Coast Guard stuff happening. The main reason is that Internet onboard my ship sucks. Logging into my blog is a torture. It's really nobody's fault. I just have to live with it. I recently discovered that the smartest way to blog while underway (on high seas) […]