Conch for HD

This is a quick illustration I made for my wife. She works at The Home Depot and will be going to a training soon. You see, it’s kind of a tradition to represent your store wherever you go. The way they do it is by placing a design over their iconic orange apron. Because she […]

Hello world! For the [insert a number] time.

So, it looks like my old blog posts are a little bit lost while transitioning from Joomla to WordPress. I’m not sure if I’m even going to keep (better said start) blogging in this page. I’ve never been able to keep a blog the way you are supposed to keep it. In reality, I’ve never […]

So I’m a veteran.

Today I’m officially out of the United States Coast Guard. It’s been five years since I decided to abandon everything and serve my country. What now? I am starting a new “day job” and I’m looking forward to learning a lot from it. I’ve been calling Florida home for a little over a year, so […]

Ebola Sixtine

Ebola Sixtine

Seeing this ebola virus so many times around the news reminded me of Adam from the Sixtine Chapel, so I made this.

WordPress Log 03 – Template

I’ve been playing around with WordPress for a week now, and I have to say: I like it. I’ve been working with responsive PHP5, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery for my new website template. Like always, I created my template in a single page and then I will adapt it into the template system of WordPress. […]

WordPress Log 02 – Install

Today I installed WordPress on my test server. It was fast.  I was actually impressed. Not that Joomla is not easy too, but WordPress definitely won. I liked that the installer is responsive, so I actually did the whole process from my tablet, just for fun. I liked that you can download and install plug-ins […]

WordPress Log 01 – The Switch

Today I decided to switch from Joomla to WordPress. I’ve been using Joomla for a few years now. Back when I started using this CMS, it was pretty much equal to the then blogging focused WordPress. For a long time I debated with myself about which platform should I use for my website. The reason […]